Halloween / Samhain limited edition is a pumpkin orange candle. 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" and burns for 80 hours. This candle is perfect for celebrating the harvest and the results of your hard work. Mark your gratitude for an abudant life that began with the hard work of our ancestors. Ask for protection and guidance through the winter months with a Coventry Halloween / Samhain candle.
"The spirits arrive in bonfire flame. The dead, the blessed, the fay riding the night to bless our winters course. Let us dance and drink, revel in the boundty of our lives. Give thanks to the spirits who keep us safe, protected and hale! Cleanse us of this dying year so we may live and thrive in the cold to come. Hail and blessings to all on this sacred night." Jacki Smith, poetress

Samhain, Halloween


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