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Seems like this year is going by really fast. We just celebrated Lammas. Mabon is coming quickly. So I find myself reflecting on this year so far. I note any changes that I have made or have just happened as I go. I notice any shifts in my routin, my spiritual path, my business etc. and I have to tell ya, for a year that has presented us all with many challenge, I am noticing some amazing growth too!

So, I was in the store. A customer came in and she was struggling emotionall. She started speaking of her challenge. All incredibly valid. Most of them we are all facing. Wearing a mask, fear of getting sick, fear or losing a loved one to Covid. Concern about work/income. While I listened I was struck with this profound knowing. None of this is something any of us would wish for. So many levels of this too. The uncertainty, the effects of social distancing, the fear that has been created just in the ability to obtain the items we need from the grocery store. And, this isn’t even scratching the surface of the fear of Covi, knowing how to prevent it, and any of the other information we all so desperately seek in connection to it.

So, as I receive this knowing, I speak it out loud. Here is what I said

Imwould not wish this on us. By no means and I happy that we are all experiencing this new normal with Covid19. But, without losing sight of it and what it entails, I have chosen to focus on my blessings and any blessings that I have received as a result.

She was appaled! That I could find something good in all of this! We ended our chat, she left and my knowing grew stronger.

So here it is in all the Tamie ism!

We don’t always get to control what comes our way, but we can control how we view it. How we allow it to impact us. None of us are infallibl. We all need support from time to time. So we have the choice to surround ourselves with people who rejoice in the opportunity to offer the support needed to put us back into alignment. It has been my choice to acknowledge what has come and at the same time be in gratitude.

Grateful for:

The customers who supported the store even while we were in Chaos.

The Sol Sisters who allowed a safe space for me to be vulnerable enough to say....I need help.

The realization that Ego was preventing me from receiving what I needed.

The unwavering support of so many.

The time with my Handsome

The time to spend making our home a place of beauty and love

The opportunity to Love what I already have.

The time to re-remember my spirituality as it began.

A time to reconnec!

so, I say agai....NO....I do not wish this for us! I am however so grateful for what I have been reminded of and the return to our natural state of love

until we meet agin...Y’all Be Blesse! Be You!

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  • Tamie

Ted and I have Two amazing dogs! Tucker is my dog, he is a mix of retriever & shepherd. He is my sunshine! When I am home, we do most things together. He has faced many health challenges from the momenot we brought him home. Through it all, he is such a trooper. I have never heard him whine or cry in the 7 years we have been together. He always looks happy with a wagging tail. So, as you can imagine, he has become a bit spoiled.

A few years ago he started not wanting to go in the backyard without me. So, each night before bed I take them outside to go potty. This soon became our gratitude ritual. I would wander into the yard and give thanks for the day, my blessings, the love in my life, & my connection to the God & Goddess. In recent months I have found myself sitting on our swing, looking up at the stars..... contemplating how truly blessed I am. Later I found I would focus on this even more on more challenging days.

About 2 weeks ago I looked up search for the moon or stars or both and I didn’t see anything. A little disappointed I started looking for som else to focus on. then, I saw a star. Seemed like the only star visible. So I gazed at that star. Pretty soon I saw another, then another. After a while, it was clear that there were many stars visible. They became easier to see the more I allowed myself. Feeling super blessed it hit me. That star gazing experience was an example of us with so many other things. It was very much like us counting our blessings. When it is challenging to. See them but we stay in gratitude, we can spot one! One leads to two, then many, then abundance!

Y’all are the magic in this world. Your power is infinite! You are such a blessing and you change the world daily. So look for your stars, count your blessings and remind yourself each day how powerful you are!

Be Blessed!

Be You!


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  • Tamie

It seems that nature is in all things. As I walk my path.....mundane and spiritual....I turn my eyes to nature instinct. I have observed that when my eyes and mind are open to receiving I learn the most. So, yeah, we observe the trees, the sun, the moon, the waxing and waning of daylight hours, the temperature ec. where my focus as been for a few weeks now has been on my back porch. More to the point....oh.....well....let me start at the beginning.

Last year we were blessed to have some birds choose to build a nest in the corner of our covered porch. It was amazing to watch them find The materials needed to make a safe place to lay their eggs and nurture the young. The nest was home to two sets of baby birds. After the last set left my handsome waited about a month to see if other birds would use the nest. When it wasn’t used he removed it. It was sad and yet such a blessin. Blessed to have had the experience. But, we though it was one and done.

so this year, we were once again blessed with birds building a nest, I like to think they are the same birds if not the young that were born here. Again, two rounds of birds. We are currently blessed with the second round. This time there were 5 babies. Such a beautiful thing. To watch as the parents sit in the nest, to watching and wondering if you are seeing little beaks popping up or is that wishful seeing? To actually seeing the beaks, then seemingly overnight they are big enough to leave the nest.

Each morning at go out and say good morning to them and then proceed with my day. Sunday was no differen! My day consists of an event to share my store with others. As I work the event I received a txt from my handsome telling me that two of the baby birds have flown the nest. As excited as I was for him to have witnessed this amazing event that only happens once for these birds, I was sad to have missed says goodbye.

When I returned home one of the first things I did was to go out and tell the birds that remained how amazing they were! The next morning all three were still there! Determined to see them leave I set up camp in my livingroom with clear view of them. It wasn’t long before something caught my attention and I looked away for just a couple of minutes. When I looked back, another baby had already flown the nest. I MISSED IT! Well, the last two have been under close observation since! And they are amazing!

so, why share this? As I have watched them I noticed a number of amazing things!

1) Love is the Law! It governs all things, it is translatable in all things. It was there as the nest was prepared, as the babies hatche, grew and left. It is in me as I get to be A part of their world, in my husband as he observes, and all around us.

2) we get to choose what we focus on. Although our attention may be drawn elsewher, we still have the choice in how we see it. I got to be so happy that my handsome was witness to the first two leaving the nest and hope to see it myself. I got to be excited for the birds that had flown. I get to choose to see the love in the adult birds coming back again and again to take care of those still in the nest.

3) we are each different and this makes us speciaL. It was two full days ago that the first birds left. There are still two birds Here. I watch as they spread their wings, take a little lift off the nest and see that they can do it! Then return to the nest. They are taking the time they need to develop and nurture themselves. They are allowing themselves the time they need to be ready for what comes next. They are allowing themselves to be nurtured. They are allowing themselves the time they need to see their own magic and the magic in all that is around them.

4) these birds have shown me that it is ok to try. It’s ok to take a bit of time to believe in yoursel, then to fly! There is a very special magic within each of us. In order for us to access it we have to be open to nurturing it, developing it and then spreading our wings and flying.

in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, I can’t wait to see you spread your wings and take flight! ❤️In Love❤️

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