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5 Ways to Align with the Sign of Cancer

5 ways to align with zodiac sign of cancer

Whether you were born while the Sun was in the sign of Cancer, are looking to get a deeper understanding of astrology  or simply desire a stronger connection to the energies of the summer season, July is the perfect time to swim in the waters of Cancer.


From July 1-21 the Sun will be traveling through the sign of Cancer.  The Moon will also be in this sign on July 4, 5 & 6, with the New Moon occurring on July 5 at 5:57 pm.  Each Moon’s Day, i.e., Monday, during the evening is also a perfect time to call Cancerian energies into your life due to the sign’s close connection with this planet.


What Are Cancer’s Themes?

Cancer is one of the twelve zodiac signs used in astrology.  It is associated with the element of water, which opens us up to the worlds of emotions, intuition, inspiration & healing. 


This is the energy that gives a loving smile or compassionate hug the power to touch our hearts.  It is symbolized by the image of a crab, an animal that literally takes its home (aka shell) everywhere it goes. 


The Moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer too.  Not surprisingly the concepts of home, family & our memories of them figure prominently for this sign.


Parents, especially mothers, along with other people who nurture us fall under its domain.  Children/childhood, together with the emotions they can spark, often become intertwined as well.  In fact, the world of emotions in general, both those we are aware of as well as those lingering in our unconscious mind, belong to the watery realm of Cancer. 


Visualize yourself resting on the beach with your family/friends at the end of a peaceful day.  The crabs, safely protected in their shells, search for food along the sand as the tide gently washes across your feet ebbing to & fro.  There is in this moment a comforting sense of peace, healing, love & belonging.  That is the energy we experience when we connect to the sign of Cancer.


Aligning Yourself with the Sign of Cancer

So, now that we understand what themes the sign of Cancer represents, how do we call them in with intention?  Utilize any or all the suggestions below as a means to welcome Cancerian energies into your body, home, or life. 


Consider using these techniques when you create your next home or family themed activity.  Incorporate them into visualizations to heal your body, mind, or soul.  Or you can simply allow your intuition to guide you in choosing the working that feels right for you.

Bath products associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer
Bath products help us float in Cancerian waters

1.       Water

Since ancient times, people have recognized the healing power of water.  More recently scientists have explored the ways in which words of intention can change the molecular structure of water cells. 


Consider creating a ritual bath using floral soaps, bath salts or herb sachets to release pain or as a way to open up your psychic centers.  Mist your home & family members with your favorite floral water or herb spray to keep the ones you love safe & protected.

hot tea tea pots tea pitchers for zodiac sign Cancer
Celebrate Cancer season with a hot brew

Perhaps an opportunity to slow down & rest at home is in order.  Make yourself a relaxing cup of tea.  Herbs infused in homemade Moon Water or served in a special tea pot have the ability to lift our spirits & make us feel refreshed.  A calming essential oil placed in a mist diffuser nearby can add that extra comforting touch.


2.       Divination:

Many forms of divination have ties to the element of water.  Is it time to learn an ancient art such as tea leaf reading or the casting of cowrie shells?  Or does artwork more readily open your third eye?  Take a look at the myriads of oracle decks now available, many of which have ocean, water & healing themed imagery.


Scrying is another skill that can be performed as simply as peering into a cup of black coffee.  More sophisticated modes can include filling a cauldron with water or gazing into polished obsidian stones.  Dowsing rods & pendulums both provide a means of accessing our intuition as well.


tarot cards scrying and divination for Cancer zodiac
Oracle Cards, Scrying Bowls & Divination Tools

3.       Magical Tools:

This month, while the Sun travels through the watery sign of Cancer, is the perfect time to add a new tool to your magical toolbox or to consider dedicating an existing one to the sign of Cancer.  Cauldrons of all sizes provide the perfect space for burning your incense, oils & brews, not to mention provide an element of safety. 

chalice bell moonstone crystals and magical tools
Magical tools to connect with Cancer energy

Chalices, from the simple goblet to the ornate ceremonial variety, also provide the means of consuming your favorite healing waters, mead, or beverage of choice.  The healing vibration generated by bells, tuning forks & singing bowls all can calm our inner environment while doing meditative work with crystals, such as Rainbow Moonstone, is known to raise our physical vibration & open us up to receiving love from spirit.


4.       Deities, Animals & Nature Spirits

If calling on a deity is the path you prefer to tread, consider making an altar or spending time learning more about one connected to water or to specific oceans, rivers & lakes.  Images of Aphrodite rising fully formed from the ocean, Danu pouring forth the life-giving waters of the river or the Arthurian Lady of the Lake handing us the sword of empowerment would all be appropriate.


Deities that help us heal our emotional wounds such as Medusa, who was once associated with lakes in ancient Libya, or the Mayan Ix Chel, lady of the moon, rainbows & healing waters, are additional forces that can help us feel safe while processing/releasing hurts, pain, or trauma.


The tides of Cancer can often pull us back to form connections with our ancestral roots so learning more about the gods/goddesses from your genetic background might feel appropriate.  From Oshun & Yemaya to Sarasvati & Mazu, there are divinities from just about every culture who can help you navigate these emotional waters.

deity goddesses and nature spirits for Cancer zodiac
Water goddesses & nature spirits

But even if you are not a deist, there are other energies to call upon.  The merfolk have a deep mythology steeped in tales of aiding sailors or joyfully playing with humans.  The animals of the waters can also serve as our guides.  Crabs, snakes & fish know how to follow the rhythms of the tides & currents, dolphins teach us how to breathe in times of joy or of sorrow, while whales & squid can lead the way into the private places hidden deep within.

5.       Follow Inspiration

Before air stimulates our mind, fire ignites our creativity or earth grounds our passions into skills, we must first be open to receive inspiration from the elemental currents of water.


Use this time to follow the flow of your unique intuition & pursue that which inspires you.  Use seashells, Cancer themed candles or crescent-shaped objects to create an altar.  Decorate your body by wearing watery blues & greens or select jewelry that gives you a beachy vibe.  Consider going Boho for a day to sink into the feeling of summer.


If you work with Kitchen, Green or Hearth magic, consider making homemade teas, moon waters or sand candles with souvenirs from your last beach holiday.  Or perhaps taking a family vacation to the nearest river, lake or ocean is more your style? 


In the hustle & bustle of modern life, a momentary pause to reflect in a journal or do a simple Moon Ritual might be a more manageable way to ease into the Cancerian realm.  In whatever way works for you, the magic of this month lies in setting aside time to slow your pace & intentionally using it to align your personal vibration to the energy of Cancer. 


May you float, swim, or even dive deeply into the waters of Cancer with joy!



Kimberly Williams is a professional astrologer based in San Antonio, Texas.  She is the owner of Astrology With Kimberly, creator of the Cosmic Compass blog & co-host of the Astrology Podcast through which she offers private consultations, educational classes & information on current astrology trends.  She can be reached via Facebook, Instagram or @


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