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Blessed Winter Solstice

Last night was amazing! Longest night, a time that I used to reflect and go within. When I sat down to do so I thought I would have some profound insight about myself and my personal power, what's holding me back...You know! Instead it was a greater sense of understanding. Here's what I learn with back story. Many of you know that I spend a lot of time promoting the store by going to the military bases with some product. I have met some amazing people along the way. Some come to the store, some just say God Bless you! Every year I set up Christmas ornaments and I think you can guess how many times someone has wished me a Merry Christmas! (Back story done!) So, I am sitting there, feeling blessed, wrapped in love from the Goddess and the God and all I can think is Thank you! Thank you for this path! Thank you for the drive to do this! Thank you for bringing these amazing people that have come into my life! And, thank you for the people who wish blessing on me! Thank you for allowing me to understand that they aren't pushing anything off on me, they are speaking from the path they are on! So, go outside, enjoy this day...we made it through the longest night! And I hope that the next time someone wishes you a merry Christmas you think of me and smile.

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