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The tower

Seems like this year is going by really fast. We just celebrated Lammas. Mabon is coming quickly. So I find myself reflecting on this year so far. I note any changes that I have made or have just happened as I go. I notice any shifts in my routin, my spiritual path, my business etc. and I have to tell ya, for a year that has presented us all with many challenge, I am noticing some amazing growth too!

So, I was in the store. A customer came in and she was struggling emotionall. She started speaking of her challenge. All incredibly valid. Most of them we are all facing. Wearing a mask, fear of getting sick, fear or losing a loved one to Covid. Concern about work/income. While I listened I was struck with this profound knowing. None of this is something any of us would wish for. So many levels of this too. The uncertainty, the effects of social distancing, the fear that has been created just in the ability to obtain the items we need from the grocery store. And, this isn’t even scratching the surface of the fear of Covi, knowing how to prevent it, and any of the other information we all so desperately seek in connection to it.

So, as I receive this knowing, I speak it out loud. Here is what I said

Imwould not wish this on us. By no means and I happy that we are all experiencing this new normal with Covid19. But, without losing sight of it and what it entails, I have chosen to focus on my blessings and any blessings that I have received as a result.

She was appaled! That I could find something good in all of this! We ended our chat, she left and my knowing grew stronger.

So here it is in all the Tamie ism!

We don’t always get to control what comes our way, but we can control how we view it. How we allow it to impact us. None of us are infallibl. We all need support from time to time. So we have the choice to surround ourselves with people who rejoice in the opportunity to offer the support needed to put us back into alignment. It has been my choice to acknowledge what has come and at the same time be in gratitude.

Grateful for:

The customers who supported the store even while we were in Chaos.

The Sol Sisters who allowed a safe space for me to be vulnerable enough to say....I need help.

The realization that Ego was preventing me from receiving what I needed.

The unwavering support of so many.

The time with my Handsome

The time to spend making our home a place of beauty and love

The opportunity to Love what I already have.

The time to re-remember my spirituality as it began.

A time to reconnec!

so, I say agai....NO....I do not wish this for us! I am however so grateful for what I have been reminded of and the return to our natural state of love

until we meet agin...Y’all Be Blesse! Be You!

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