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What Covid-19 has taught me so far!

February 1st we attended the Asian Festiva. I was really excited to be set up and sharing our store and products with those in attendanc. We start to set up and the event staff comes around issuing hand sanitize. Not thinking much of it I continued setting up. As the day progresses I start to see more people wearing face masks. Not dragon or themed masks, but medical masks covering their mouth and nose. It made an impact. Life continues and Covid-19 seems distant. Happening someplace else. I am feeling bad for the people impacted by it, but is hasn’t become a reali in my world yet. March 2, I am preparing for yet another event and got to thinking about the hand sanitizer they distributed At the last event and thought it would be wise to pick some up. In my mind, this was just to make people more comfortable My daughter and I went to a number of store and did not find hand sanitizer or Rubbing Alcohol to make our own. Now it has hit closer to home. The night before the event, I reached out to the event organizer to make sure it was still going to happen. She hesitates then says it is going to happen. At this event I had flutes. Children who were happy and excited would pick it up and blow on it. we don’t allow this on a normal day but now this has become a much bigger concern. Into the next week, my husband and I are watching an NBA game that isn’t being played. Everyone is walking around like....what do we do? An NBA player has tested positive for Covid-19. All NBA games are now suspended until further notice. Our shows at the Majestic theater have been canceled or rescheduled and we are starting to look at people funny if they cough or sneeze. March 14 Kimberly with Cosmic Compass comes in for International Astrology day. I adore her and love to give her a hug when she enters my atmospher! She says, I have a loved one at home to protect so I am not hugging today March 22nd I close my store to keep our customers safe and to help slow the spread of this virus

At this point my husband, who has the kind of job that he thought he would never be able to work from home, is working from home. We are both trying to figure out how to nav this way of doing what we do. I am missing my grown children, customers, friends, event, family. So I decide to reach out daily to at least 3 people I care about! I am loving the communication with people I love and yet I am feeling the need to contribute. All of my suppliers are closed, the upper level of the mall is closed, and pretty much everything else. I start watching the presiden, governor and our mayor daily feeling informed and with some much needed encouragement I start, after weeks, to develop a plan to serve the customers who have been calling asking if we are open. Our team pull together and develop a plan to stay connected to our community with daily lives, online ordering, invoicing and curbside pick ups. It feels good to be helping again but it’s a lot of work and I am feeling like we aren’t helping as much as we could.

Finally, the governor says I can reopen May 1st! My hubby and I talk about it and without any hesitation decided to reopen. We did it cautiously and with intent. Must wear face mask over mouth and nose, must use hand sanitizer, and only 6 in the store at any time.

Through all of this it has become clear to me that

1) our community is beautiful, diverse, and perfect. Supporting out community is essential to me. It was a great affirmation that we are indeed all connected!

2) it’s ok to not have all the answers. Its ok to take the time we need to learn , grow, & connect.

3) Self care is so important and is just the opposite of selfish. It is essential. To many times we put others first, do and do and ourselves ragged. Then find we have not left time to take care of us. Then, we make it ok for our needs to not be met and continue to draw from the same well that we haven’t taken time to replenish. Then we find ourselves drained, sick, sad, depressed, angry, or perh withdrawn. Taking a moment to figure out what is in fact in my best interest was huge during this time for me.

4) learning to trust my intuition. So many of the things I noted in my leading up story show signs that something was coming. This doesn’t mean that I could have seen this coming or stopped it. It means that our intuition is strong and so over looked. That feeling be write of or disregard as silly or something else. That deeper knowing that find ourselves saying later...I knew it! I just knew it!

5)Trusting! This has been huge. So many things that have been out of our control that we just have to trust. Trusting that the path I am on will teach me what I need to know. Trusting that when I ask for help, help will be provided. Seeing the kindness in the small things.

5) That even in our darkest times, we have so much to be grateful for. I have this nightly ritual. It came about because my dog wants me to go with him when he goes in the backyard. So every night before bed we go outside. It quickly became my gratitude ritual. I stand in the middle of the yard with my arms spread out and my face towards the sky and I thank the god and goddess for my blessings. I allow myself to feel the blessings of the day. So, imagine a day when nothing seems to go right, everything you say or do seems to turn out wrong....and then it’s time for gratitude. In this moment it all is pushed aside. In this moment of pure gratitude I am able to see what is really important. As Mike Dooley says....Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

6) which leads me to the final though/gift! We are the creators of our univers. We get to choose! We get to say yes to what is good for us but more importantly, we get to say no! No to whatever is not in our highest good. I am discovearring that some of the things I am saying no to are things I have chosen for myself! Stop watching the daily reports and just get a summar, tuning out the negative social media, rephrasing a complaint. IE...boy, this is taking soooo long to...I am so grateful they are here and I can do what I need to do!

in Short, this pandemic has had many challenges & we have lost so many.....I believe our lesson to reconnec, refocus, and take care of each, the earth our mother, and all living things is in progress and we are relearning a way to move forward in gratitude and appreciation!

i am so grateful for you! Be Blesse, Be Well!

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