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Wishing on a star

Ted and I have Two amazing dogs! Tucker is my dog, he is a mix of retriever & shepherd. He is my sunshine! When I am home, we do most things together. He has faced many health challenges from the momenot we brought him home. Through it all, he is such a trooper. I have never heard him whine or cry in the 7 years we have been together. He always looks happy with a wagging tail. So, as you can imagine, he has become a bit spoiled.

A few years ago he started not wanting to go in the backyard without me. So, each night before bed I take them outside to go potty. This soon became our gratitude ritual. I would wander into the yard and give thanks for the day, my blessings, the love in my life, & my connection to the God & Goddess. In recent months I have found myself sitting on our swing, looking up at the stars..... contemplating how truly blessed I am. Later I found I would focus on this even more on more challenging days.

About 2 weeks ago I looked up search for the moon or stars or both and I didn’t see anything. A little disappointed I started looking for som else to focus on. then, I saw a star. Seemed like the only star visible. So I gazed at that star. Pretty soon I saw another, then another. After a while, it was clear that there were many stars visible. They became easier to see the more I allowed myself. Feeling super blessed it hit me. That star gazing experience was an example of us with so many other things. It was very much like us counting our blessings. When it is challenging to. See them but we stay in gratitude, we can spot one! One leads to two, then many, then abundance!

Y’all are the magic in this world. Your power is infinite! You are such a blessing and you change the world daily. So look for your stars, count your blessings and remind yourself each day how powerful you are!

Be Blessed!

Be You!


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