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Your mom wears combat boots!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I am sitting at Fort Sam Houston today (we will have a kiosk here until next Sunday) and the question was asked again. I get it a lot so I thought I would post about it! What is the question? Why Do I go to the Military bases to sell when I have a store. Well, I grew up an Army Brat. In the 80's when people used the phrase "Your Mother wears combat boots!" As an insult I just smiled and asked how they knew! She did! She was a single mom in the Army in the early 80's. She was so proud! Frankly, we were proud of her! She proved to us that you can do anything! So, it is not surprising that I married a military man. We traveled all over and we're blessed to have a different perspective! When we landed in San Antonio after a lifetime of being a Gypsy (military moves) I was recruited to teach Wicca services to the Basic Trainees. I did that for many years and was in charge of the program for 5. I saw first hand the need within the military community. The exchange not only welcomes me to bring products from the store but they WANT me to! So...we are so very blessed to have the store! I want to share that blessing with those who serve our country!

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